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Work smart, Work Fast – Wherever. You are and your business are on the move. That means you need to be able to work from anywhere, across your devices, and have a consistent and fast experience. That freedom is what you get with Office 365. We can help make your small business more efficient and profitable.

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Office wherever you need it – To keep up in today’s mobile world, you need to access your tools and files from anywhere, across your devices. With Office 365 you can. Use your business-class email through Outlook, collaborate on documents, and create and edit files from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

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Office across your devices for powerful collaboration – You need tools you can access anywhere and everywhere that support teamwork and Office 365 delivers! Each user can install Office on up to five devices and work across all devices to keep projects moving ahead, no matter where life takes them.

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When you first started hearing about cloud computing, CloudStrategies was already assembling our team of experienced technology experts with the sole objective of providing you with the guidance, the thought leadership, and the strategic support needed to make the best decisions about how to incorporate these new services into your information technology infrastructure.


Managed Services

Cloud computing lets you stop worrying about your computer network and focus on your business. Managed services from Cloud Strategies complete that value by making us responsible to keep everything running at highest efficiency all the time.

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Cloud Migrations

Moving your data, ALL of it, to the Cloud is a critical process. Email information, documents, contacts, history, and maintaining organizational security and access.

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Office 365

Many of our clients see the migration to Office 365 as a unique opportunity to dramatically improve their operations and their users’ experience. Cloud Strategies will design a migration plan custom designed to achieve your vision.

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Email migrations

Cloud Strategies can migrate 100% of your email information. Whether your organization is utilizing an existing Microsoft Exchange on-premise environment, web based mail system, or other, Cloud Strategies can migrate all of your email information.

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Why does my organization need to worry about Cloud Computing?

Why Cloud?

The good news is that “cloud computing” is not a startling new technology, not mysterious, and very, very easy to take advantage of. Cloud computing is simply an alternative way of delivering information technology services that reduces costs while improving service levels.


Service Level Improvements

Today’s cloud providers make deeper investments in high-availability, highly-secure, fully-redundant, and totally compliant networks and systems than any individual company ever could or would! No matter what size your company is, you can enjoy the same service levels and protections the largest corporations in the world enjoy, by using a cloud data center.


Cost Reduction

How much does your company spend every few years replacing and updating your network servers, storage, and other equipment? Cloud computing eliminates most of those capital investments by using servers and storage at a professionally operated data center you can depend upon for full 24/7/365 non-stop operation.


Who do we work with?

To provide our clients with the best that cloud computing has to offer, CloudStrategies carefully evaluates many providers to determine which to recommend. Our demanding selection criteria includes:

The quality of the service itself | The financial stability of the provider | The investments they have made in security, redundancy, and performance | The ready availability and quality of support | Appropriately aggressive pricing | Adherence to standards | Available service level agreements and track record for fulfilling them | Willingness to back their commitments

Our carefully selected trusted partners include:

Who are our customers?

CloudStrategies is your preferred choice of partner to guide you through your transition so you can take fullest advantage of the cloud’s many benefits..
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