Work Like Me!

CloudStrategies Western Region Territory Director Steffo Mitakides recently launched a series of events at the many Microsoft Stores that have recently opened throughout the west coast.

The event series is called “Work Like Me” and it is indeed a very practical look at how Steffo himself spends every day working and living on Microsoft Office 365.  Instead of talking about what Microsoft Office 365 can do or could do for users, Mitakides offers a frank, open discussion of what it does every day for him as a working professional.

“I show people how I work, very transparently,” explains Mitakides.  “For many people in today’s work environment a lot of work gets done from home, sitting at your kitchen table at any hour.”

“I work from a home office environment, or a local coffee shop. I work with all four time zones across the country effectively using this tool because of the collaborative nature.”

What Office 365 DOES, not what it “can” do

IntroworklikemeDesigned to present the value of Microsoft Office 365 in the context of regular working people, the “Work Like Me” series has been presented in several of the new Microsoft Stores opening throughout the greater northwest. Mitakides likes to point out that this is a demonstration of how real-world working people are working more effectively using this cloud-based platform than they could otherwise.

“This is how we are able to do the work better than if we were in the same office, he explains. “I give examples of how we collaborate in SharePoint, how we’re able to review a document in SharePoint together and be in New Jersey, Chicago, Indianapolis, San Jose all at the same time.  How we prefer actually to work this way rather than meeting in conference rooms.

“We actually like it better because there was no commute and we’re able to be more effective.  It’s demystifying the cloud and what it means.”

CloudStrategies Collaborates

Mitakides talks about how specific activities with his colleagues at CloudStrategies are made possible by the collaborative capabilities of Office 365.

“We worked on a major proposal together recently on Lync using collaboration within SharePoint.  Real-time changes to documents which everyone can see in real-time.  We discussed the changes as we were making them, rather than having to send them around for comments.  This cut editing time down from days to minutes.”

Steffo Mitakides thinks too many people focus on the advantages of Exchange Online email when the real collaborative power is in SharePoint Online which permits many people to edit the same document at the same time and see each others’ changes in real-time.

Working in Your Own Environment

“Why do I say it’s even better than being in the same room?” asks Steffo.  “Because it doesn’t take me out of my own environment.  We’re all in our own comfort zones where we can work the way we like to work. Office 365 gives you a consistent user experience wherever you log in.  It should always be the most comfortable and productive experience possible, with all the tools you need readily available.

Someone said that ‘Work is an activity, not a destination.  That’s never been more true than it is today.  With Office 365 you can work like me, from anywhere at any time on any device over any network.”

Upcoming :”Work Like Me!” Sessions

October 10 Microsoft Store / Lone Tree, Colorado 4:30-5:30pm
October 18 Microsoft Store/Palo Alto, CA 2pm-3:30pm
November 8 Microsoft Store/Santa Clara, CA
with special guests Mimecast
December 6 Microsoft Store/Palo Alto, CA 2PM-3:30pm

CloudStrategies 2012 Webinar Series

Cs LaptopHundreds of clients like you have come to depend upon CloudStrategies to be your guide to the benefits of cloud computing.  In 2011 we introduced you to Cloud Computing 101, Microsoft Office 365, Windows Intune and more through our regular webinar series.  This year we take you much deeper into the advantages, benefits,  and the compelling strategic reasons why you want to expand the use of cloud strategies in your business.  Welcome to

Cs Cloudwebinar Series 2012

2012 Webinar Topics

Join us from the comfort of your own home or office to learn what you need to know, what you’ve been asking us to present at CloudStrategies’ webinars.  Each month we’ll bring you new information that will continue to expand your cloud knowledge and improve your communication and collaboration efficiency and productivity.

Cs Piggy Cloud

Cloud Economics:
How You Save Money


Thursday, April 26 @ 12:30PM

Click Here to Register

Most surveys tell us that the primary reason companies adopt cloud computing is to save money. This session reviews exactly how they do that.

Cloud Computing moves selected IT operations to a dedicated, professionally operated data center eliminating future purchases of servers and storage, and also reducing or removing the associated expenses. See how you can save on physical plant costs, electrical & cooling expense, maintenance, management personnel and much more.

When you leave this webinar you’ll have a clear understanding of exactly how cloud computing can benefit your company in bottom line dollars and cents.

Cs Traffic Light

Making the Decision to Transition

One of the key values CloudStrategies’ brings is helping our clients evaluate how cloud computing can benefit their business, and which cloud services they should take advantage of immediately. In this session we’ll review the steps we take to perform this evaluation and exactly what we look for to help us, and you, with decision-making

Cs White Picket Fence

How Secure Is The Cloud… Really?

The biggest concern about cloud computing is whether or not your data is safe. We’ll review the measures key cloud providers have put in place to assure that your data is actually more secure in their data centers, and that your entire computing environment conforms to whatever regulatory compliance you may be subject to.

Cs Office 365 1 Year Old

Office 365 One Year Anniversary:
Review of Customer Successes Roadmap to the Future

With millions of seats sold since the introduction of Microsoft Office 365 on June 28, 2011, there are some great reports about how companies have enabled new capabilities, enjoyed tremendous savings, and realized remarkable revenue growth. We’ll talk about what you can learn from these successful cloud environments.

Cs Cloud Office In The Clouds

Creating Your Completely
Cloud-Based Office

What if you were starting up a business and didn’t want to invest a dime in “bricks & mortar” offices? How would you create the connection between all of your staff members and enable them to access all their resources and work closely together even though they all work in different places? Here’s the blueprint for the completely cloud-based company, with some interesting estimates of how much you could save!

Cs Cloud Hand

Cloud in the
Palm of Your Hand:

Mobile Access to Your Assets

The true power of cloud computing is unleashed when you enable your people to access your resources from wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using, whenever they need to. In this session we’ll discuss the important steps you want to take to assure that remote access is achieved safely, securely, and conveniently!

Cs Cloud Guy Glowing With Phone

Your Cloud & Your Customers:

Using Microsoft CRM & Lync to Connect With Your Customers

Microsoft CRM (Customer Resource Management) Online has made it possible for small companies and departments of large companies to carefully track and plan every interaction with their customers. Microsoft Lync Online has given them the ability to meet customers “face-to-face” and show them products and information online even though they are all in their own offices across town or across the country. This session presents a highly effective customer-interaction environment powered by the cloud.

Cs Intense Guy With Mobile Phone And Laptop

The Importance of Managing From Your Cloud to Your Desk/Lap/Palmtop

While it may seem like a remotely delivered environment like the cloud may need less management, the reality is that the need for management hasn’t changed. We’ll examine how Windows Intune lets you monitor, manage, secure and update the desktop, laptop, and palmtop devices that are accessing your cloud resources, and the importance of carefully tracking the quality of service you receive from providers.

Cs Telescope Guy

Comprehensive Guide to Planning for Your Cloudy 2013

In this session, we’ll bring together all of the elements of cloud computing to help you structure and begin your strategic planning for IT in 2013. What will you move to the cloud? When? Why? What are the criteria that will help you make decisions? Get your questions answered and learn how to optimize your planning.

Cs Cloud Roundup

Annual Cloud Computing Roundup & What it Tells Us About the Future

2012 is a year of tremendous growth and expansion for cloud services. In this session, experts from CloudStrategies will share their observations and make their predictions about how things will progress in 2013.

CloudStrategies Clears Up the Cloud for Wellesley MA Chamber of Commerce Members

CloudStrategies Clears Up the Cloud for Wellesley MA Chamber of Commerce Members

Cs Wellesley Chamber Logo _Color _Spot Converted Wellesley MA – March 23, 2012 – CloudStrategies, LLC, a leading cloud computing solutions provider and one of Microsoft’s Top 5 U.S. Cloud Partners, recently presented to the members of the Wellesley Chamber of Commerce in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The session, entitled “Clearing up the Cloud: How to Spend Less, Worry Less, and Get More Out of IT” was hosted at First Commons Bank of Wellesley.

Presented by CloudStrategies Account Executive and Cloud Evangelist Pat Keating, the session offered up a review of what “the cloud” really is and is not, highlighting cost savings to be gained from using it. Keating also focused on protecting continuity of business operations when IT resources are threatened by weather or other difficulties. He pointed out that many businesses have been able to “weather the storm” by having their people work from home and connect to their email and other information resources “in the cloud” using products such as Microsoft Office 365.

Siobhan Conlon, Marketing Director for the Wellesley Chamber of Commerce commented that the presentation went very well. “Pat knows his stuff,” exclaims Conlon. “He’s very matter-of-fact and very entertaining.” She reports being impressed with his technical acumen and how Keating frankly addressed rare cases when his company’s products and services are not appropriate. “I was impressed with his skills.” Also impressive was how the presentation was customized to suit the audience which was widely varied.

Cs Wellesley Chamber Of Commerce“One great example Pat gave was the ‘attachment trade-off’ where you’re trying to edit one document between a couple of different people and you’re not sure if you have the latest version, perhaps you’ve missed one, and now you’re coordinating in addition to doing the actual work.” Office 365 allows multiple users to edit a document simultaneously without needing to email it back and forth.

CloudStrategies COO Peter Wentworth explained that “We’re working to provide useful sessions like this at Chambers of Commerce and ther business associations and organizations around the country. There’s still a huge overflow of information surrounding cloud computing. Having someone like Pat Keating explain, in plain business language, the opportunities to reduce operating costs while improving productivity will help people make better, more informed decisions.” Wentworth continued, suggesting that “Deeper discussions with individual companies about their business objectives can easily reveal and quantify the specific business benefits that cloud computing can deliver for them.”

“I think learning about the cloud is important,” said Siobhan Conlon. “A lot of people don’t understand what it is. We’ve had quite a few questions about it. When Microsoft stepped up their advertising, people realized that this is something they don’t know much about. Our members like to be on the cutting edge of business technology and cost efficiency, so we were fortunate to have great interest in the event.”



Cloud Strategies Logo


Microsoft Windows Intune – PC Management Platform

Webinar: How can you keep your PCs & employees operating at peak performance, when you or your users are in the office or on the road?

Windows Intune™, a new solution that brings together cloud services for PC management and malware protection with a Windows® 7 upgrade subscription. Remote workers in multiple locations. Multiple PC configurations. Limited resources-these are just a few of the challenges that face businesses every day. Windows Intune™ not only helps you address these challenges, it takes PC management to a whole new level of simplicity. With its powerful combination of Windows® cloud services and Windows 7, Windows Intune offers a comprehensive solution to help keep your PCs and employees operating at peak performance.

At the event you will learn how to achieve big-tech results with a small-tech investment. Experts will show you how easy it is to:

• How to select the right size cloud servers for your requirements
• Manage and secure PCs anywhere with cloud services
• How to provide the best Windows experience with Windows 7
• Stop malware threats before they stop you
• Identify issues before they impact business

Upcoming Session:

Thursday Feb 16th
12:30 – 1:30p EST
(9:30 – 10:30a PST)


CloudStrategies 101: Including Office 365

Webinar: Are you curious about the “Cloud” and what it means to your business?

Join us for an in-depth discussion about all things cloud where we will help you learn why businesses are leveraging the “Cloud” to Save Money, Increase Reliability, and deploy IT solutions faster than traditional “On-Premise” solutions.  In addition to business and economic value discussion, we will introduce several top Cloud Solutions such as:

• Microsoft Office 365 including:
   • Exchange Online 2010
   • SharePoint Online 2010
   • Lync Online 
• Windows Intune for cloud-based Desktop security and management
• Workspace Communications Hosted OCS and Lync Solutions
• Rackspace Cloud Solutions for Hosted IT Infrastructure
• Neverfail Cloud Based High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Upcoming Session:

Thursday Feb 23rd
12:30 – 1:30p EST
(9:30 – 10:30a PST)


Coming Soon – CloudStrategies CloudWebinar Series 2012

Cs Cloudwebinar Series 2012

Coming Soon Guy

We’re excited to announce our upcoming new CloudWebinar series for 2012.  The schedule of events will be published here next month, but expect to find sessions that will bring you the information and guidance you need to make the best decisions about what to move to the cloud, when to move to the cloud, and how to best move to the cloud.  We’ll also discuss new developments and cloud technologies as they emerge!

Become part of the CloudStrategies Community!

You won’t want to miss a single session!


Upcoming Topics Include:

  • Cloud Economics: How You Save Money

  • Creating Your Completely Cloud-Based Office

  • Making the Decision to Transition

  • Cloud In The Palm of Your Hand: Mobile Access

  • How Secure Is The Cloud…Really

  • Your Cloud & Your Customers: CRM & Lync

  • Office 365 One Year Anniversary Review  Managing From Cloud to Desk/Lap/Palmtop

Microsoft Office 365-Equipped “Only In America” Boston Whaler Reaches Boston

OIA - Spirit 7

In one of the most interesting applications of Microsoft Office 365 that we’ve seen, John Mirassou,  John Bertsch & Marty Burke have successfully sailed their 19 foot Boston Whaler from Norfolk VA to Boston MA landing in Boston Harbor on the Fourth of July one month after they set sail.  According to John Mirassou, Office 365 helped them communicate, coordinate, plan and arrange every leg of the journey.   Several other boats joined them in the voyage.  When one needed to know where they could leave their boat trailer in Boston, the Only In America crew was able to put them in touch with the local Boston Whaler dealer to make arrangements.  On their way into several ports they weren’t exactly sure where they were staying that night.  “With five boats,” explained Mirassou, “that becomes a logistical issue!”  A few quick emails, conversations, and sometimes videoconferences later all the arrangements were made.  “(CloudStrategies Sr. Solutions Architect) Mark Gordon was the one who trained us on Office 365 and he’s just been a godsend.  Mark was just instrumental in setting the whole thing up!  Everything from sending out email blasts to showing us how to post our video webisodes to helping us get a lot more friends on Facebook!” explained John Mirassou.  Visit the Office 365 SharePoint managed website at !

“Next year,” Mirassou declared, “we plan to have a lot more boats cruise with us, and they’ll all have to be on Office 365 to keep in touch.”  Truly a cloud-based flotilla!!  See the complete Case Study from Mark Gordon in this month’s CloudStrategies Newsletter!

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