Cloud Hosting and Security

With so many options and uncertainties with moving to the cloud, we can help you understand what cloud hosting and security options would be the best fit

Strategic Partners

CloudStrategies has relationships with many other cloud partners, such as BinaryTree, LiveOffice, SoftLayer, Synnex and Vaultive. We are continually adding great partners to our catalog because we understand that no one company can be experts in all fields.

Hosting with SoftLayer

Build your infrastructure in the cloud, and pay month-to-month, contract free. SoftLayer offers virtual and dedicated servers, hybrid environments, remote storage, and a managed host environment.

SoftLayer offers the type of scalability and flexibility that makes the cloud incredible. CloudStrategies offers expert Planning, Implementation and Managed Services with SoftLayer’s automated services to create well-managed hosted environments that are flexible and contract free

SoftLayer Benefits

  • Coverage –100,000+ servers in 13 datacenters on 3 continents
  • Fully Integrated – 13 datacenters standardized and connected privately
  • Automation –Deploy multi-tenant clouds in minutes, dedicated private clouds in 4 hours or less
  • Flexibility – Services billed on a monthly or hourly basis – no contracts

SoftLayer Key Solutions

  • CloudLayer Virtual Servers
  • Private, Dedicated Servers
  • Hybrid Environments
  • Fully Managed Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery

Vaultive Encryption for Office 365

Vaultive and CloudStrategies offer Pilot Services to help clients experience the benefits first hand. Easy to configure, and seamless to the end-users.  You own your data, take control of it with Vaultive

Vaultive tackles the pivotal issue of cloud data protection that stands in the way of broader cloud adoption: the requirement for businesses to maintain ownership and control of their data while it is processed by and stored at cloud providers.

  • Encrypts data-at-rest, data-in-transit, and data-in-use for Office365
  • End-user maintains control of the data: comply with privacy laws, regulations, disclosure requests
  • Maintains core server-side processing (index, search, sort, etc.) while data is encrypted

With Vaultive, businesses can move to the cloud and still ensure that their data:

  • complies with many regulations such as HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, PCI, and others
  • cannot be disclosed to the government without their authorization
  • conforms to the broad range of data residency laws around the world
  • cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals

Vaultive addresses these critical requirements through its groundbreaking encryption-in-use technology which enables businesses to encrypt their data before it goes to the cloud — so it can then be processed while still encrypted at the cloud provider. This capability enables organizations to independently control access to data processed by third-party services.

Vaultive enables businesses to adhere to industry best practices, including the most recent guidelines from the Cloud Security Alliance, a globally recognized not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing.

Vaultive is a stateless network-layer software encryption proxy. Vaultive’s cloud data encryption platform is extensible, allowing for the support of a wide range of cloud-based and on-premise applications. Vaultive is both seamless to the supported application and transparent to end-users so neither training nor changes in user behavior are required.

Vaultive’s first enterprise-grade solution focused on meeting the customer need for encryption in use for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, with additional support for Yammer, Box Enterprise, SkyDrive Pro and Microsoft Dynamics Online as well as SharePoint Online and SAP SuccessFactors.

Vaultive Solution Benefits

  • Uses 256-bit AES encryption
  • Operates as network level proxy
  • Resides on an appliance or VM
  • High-availability (HA) configuration
  • Deployed in various configurations -on premises in the DMZ, behind a firewall / VPN, or at a trusted third party
  • Scales linearly from SMB to F500
  • Agentless. No client application, no change in user behavior

Symantec – Protected Clouds are Better Clouds

Even as individuals and organizations realize the potential agility and cost savings benefits of cloud computing, concerns about security and availability of clouds persist. Gain confidence in your cloud with protection from the world’s leader in security and availability. Whether you want to consume services directly, build your own cloud for internal operations or external reach, or extend into third-party clouds safely and efficiently, Symantec delivers the path to a protected cloud.


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