You bring information technology into your company to help your people be more productive. Sometimes, however, it feels like you spend more time focused on the technology than on growing your business. CloudStrategies’ goal is to make computing as easy and accessible as telephone or electrical service. For those, you simply plug in and get what you need. With our cloud solutions, the same is true for your computers. Plug into the internet, wired or wirelessly, and gain immediate access to all the resources you need to get the job done. We’re talking about a revolution in solutions. Business-relevant solutions that directly contribute to your bottom-line performance by delivering the tools and capabilities your people need to wherever they may be whenever they may need them, on whatever device they may be using.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing is the hottest topic in technology today. Yet, in spite of the many benefits, such as utility billing, dynamic scalability, and on-demand usage, organizations still struggle with how to get to the cloud. Enter CloudStrategies. Born in the cloud and living in cloud, our goal is to help organizations match their needs with the right cloud solutions, and ensure that the adoption and ongoing services are as effortless as possible.

Discover Great Cloud Computing Solutions

There are a lot of cloud solutions in the market today. The CloudStrategies Catalog makes it simple to match business needs with great cloud solutions. And, if some need comes up that we can’t address, we’ll help you find someone who can. We are interested in long term relationships and success with our clients.


Adopt Cloud Solutions with Ease

When adopting any new technology solution, ensuring that there is no loss of productivity in transition can be a challenge.

With our CSBlueprint approach, we can help mitigate any challenges that arise. It’s based on our experiences across hundreds of clients, so you can be assured the approach works.

Manage your Cloud Solutions

Many organizations make the move to the cloud because they are looking to optimize their IT resources while offering great service levels to their users.

CloudStrategies can further help organizations manage their cloud and on-premise IT solutions with our CSManagedServices, offering monitoring and full remote management capabilities.


Client Care Drives Satisfaction

Making a move to the cloud can be daunting in many ways. Your cloud partner should not be one of your challenges!

CloudStrategies comes highly recommended by our partners and clients because we drive a Client Care effort in everything we do for our clients.


Strategic Partners

We believe in the Microsoft Cloud, and Microsoft is a strong, strategic partner. Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft CRM Online, and Microsoft Intune are excellent products. Our clients often choose CloudStrategies for our expertise in these solutions.

CloudStrategies also has relationships with many other cloud partners, such as BinaryTree, LiveOffice, Softlayer, Synnex and Vaultive. We are continually adding great partners to our catalog.


Industry Accolades

CloudStrategies is pleased to have received several awards and accolades for our efforts helping clients realize value in the cloud.

  • Microsoft NY Metro FY11 Cloud Partner of the Year
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner
  • A top 5 Microsoft Partner for activations
  • BinaryTree 2012 Partner of the Year

CloudStrategies – Office 365 Services Overview

Microsoft Office 365 revolutionized personal productivity by bringing together messaging, communications, data and document management, conferencing and collaboration with the primary work tools we all use each day in one powerful platform. Getting the most out of your migration to Office 365 depends upon having it planned, implemented, and supported by the best cloud resource in the business. Here’s an overview of the services designed to best support your cloud strategies, from CloudStrategies!

Strategic Planning Services for Office 365

Smart strategists recognize that a failure to plan is a sure plan for failure, so CloudStrategies begins by developing a comprehensive understanding of your business and how best to apply the power of Office 365 to improving it!

Office 365 Business Value Assessment

A comprehensive examination of your business processes informs a detailed assessment of the opportunities to increase productivity and revenue generation while reducing operating costs by deploying Office 365

If it isn’t going to return a profit, why make any investment? Build your business case and satisfy yourself with the potential return before you invest in Office 365. CloudStrategies leverages a proven methodology built on a solid platform of best practices developed over years of helping businesses decide whether or not it’s time to migrate to cloud services. You clearly see where the return will come from before you begin the move.

Office 365 Planning and Design

Analysis, planning, and design of new Office 365 platform including complete migration path from existing environment

Take full advantage of the move to a unified platform by having CloudStrategies design your new Office 365 environment to optimize workflow and maximize productivity.

• Solution Alignment Workshop to analyze business requirements and current IT environment

• Deployment planning consultation and recommendations

• High-level project plan for deployment

Plan in hand, it’s all about making your migration to Office 365 as seamless and non-disruptive as possible. CloudStrategies’ primary goal is to have your people enjoy a zero impact day zero with their new environment! Several options offer you choices in how fast and how comprehensive you want your migration to be!

Office 365 FastTrack Migration

Accelerated migration approach that provides near-immediate access to Office 365 for your user community

When you’re ready to move and need to move now, choose CloudStrategies’ Office 365 FastTrack Migration, a high-speed solution that moves your people to their new cloud-based platform as quickly as possible without ever dropping the ball.

• Review of current environment and business requirements

• Accelerated deployment for pilot user group, allowing them to begin enjoying the benefits Office 365 right away

• Deployment of remaining Office 365 features and benefits to remaining users

Office 365 SkyKick Migration

Complete, turnkey migration of email services to Office 365 for small and medium-sized businesses

This highly automated approach to platform migration assures the most comprehensively managed solution. All data is carefully prepared and migrated, all user devices configured and prepared for access, and the entire unified environment is thoroughly tested before users are trained and guided to begin working in their new cloud-delivered world.

• Review of current environment and business requirements

• Automated migration of existing email data including calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. (Many existing messaging and collaboration platforms supported)

• Automated workstation configuration

• Assistance, support, and guidance from the CloudStrategies team

Office 365 Custom-Configured Migration Services

Complete implementation of Office 365 services using an approach customized to specific and unusual needs.

(Includes CloudStrategies Office 365 Planning and Design)

Many of our clients see the migration to Office 365 as a unique opportunity to dramatically improve their operations and their users’ experience. CloudStrategies will design a migration plan custom designed to achieve your vision.

• Migration of messaging data to Office 365

• Implementation of Single Sign-On Functionality between local and Windows Azure Active Directory Environments

• Optional implementation of SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Yammer.

• Post-Migration Assistance and Support

Training & Support Services for Office 365

Office 365 End User Training

Instructor-led, hands-on training on all Microsoft Office components

Most network managers agree that the most important part of the network to prepare properly is the user. A fully trained user is a far more productive user at much lower support costs. CloudStrategies provides a complete training solution!

• Instructor-led, hands-on training sessions

• Customized lesson plan

• On-Site or web-based delivery

Solution Specific Services for Office 365

SharePoint Online Planning and Design

SharePoint Online JumpStart

Hosted Lync Planning and Deployment

Cloud-based deployment of Microsoft Lync as a comprehensive real-time collaboration solution and phone system replacement

Many corporations large and small are discovering the incredible increases in communications agility accompanied by equal decreases in cost that can be realized by replacing existing phone, messaging, and collaboration solutions with a completely unified cloud environment like Lync Online within Office 365.

• Planning and assessment of current telecommunications solution

• Implementation of hosted Lync service with coordinated cutover

• Complete audio/video device configuration

• Optional integration with Office 365

• Post-migration assistance and support

Protected Clouds are Better Clouds

Even as individuals and organizations realize the potential agility and cost savings benefits of cloud computing, concerns about security and availability of clouds persist. Gain confidence in your cloud with protection from the world’s leader in security and availability. Whether you want to consume services directly, build your own cloud for internal operations or external reach, or extend into third-party clouds safely and efficiently, Symantec delivers the path to a protected cloud.

Active Directory Federation Services

ADFS build outs, AD remediation, and Password Synchronization – CloudStrategies can clean, optimize, or build from scratch you Active Directory environment and Active Directory Federation Services. Additionally, Microsoft’s new Password Synchronization may be a viable option that CloudStrategies can deliver.

Over time, many organizations struggle to build and/or maintain their AD environment – CloudStrategies can help. We can also build and deploy an AD Federation Services environment or configure Microsoft’s Password Sync to synchronize with Microsoft Office 365 or other systems.

Email migrations

CloudStrategies can migrate 100% of your email information. Whether your organization is utilizing an existing Microsoft Exchange on-premise environment, web based mail system, or other, CloudStrategies can migrate all of your email information.

CloudStrategies can lockdown your organization’s email messages

No one wants their email to be open and available to the public, and thankfully most of our clients are on Microsoft Exchange Online that includes a fully secure, password protected, environment. There are, however, times when organizations seek a higher level of protection and privacy whereby they want their email messages encrypted.

Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the customer relationship management software that helps your sales, marketing, and customer care teams work as one to deliver personal experiences across every interaction.

Register for the Global Premiere Event on November 4 to see firsthand how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 can help you connect with your customers.

Managed Services

A monthly cost/user. Problem resolution, health and operational reporting (need more meat on the bone here – Microsoft Online seems pretty light on what is available to report on…). This would be a great, recurring, annuity and a foot in the door for when any issues/opportunities arise.


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