SharePoint buildouts.

CloudStrategies can deliver the SharePoint solution(s) that will make your business more successful. Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise class document collaboration, management, and security platform. Implemented well, organizations can see a huge improvement in:

CloudStrategies can provide end-to-end professional services for our clients from initial Requirements Definition, Proof of Concept, configuration, customization, integration, deployment, training and on-going support.

  • Document collaboration – users easily contributing, sharing, and maintaining their work.
  • Document management – making sure there is a single version of documents; no more scattered versions around the network, on people’s desktops, buried in emails.
  • Document security – making sure that the right people can easily access the right information.
  • Sharing information with external clients – whether on project-by-project basis or ongoing as needed, secure access can be provided so clients can both see & download information or contribute & upload information.
  • Workflows, alerts, notifications and integration with other systems.


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