It’s about time.  Actually, it’s all about time.  Whenever we talk about cloud computing, or mobile computing, or both, we talk about how it’s all meant to save time.  Instead of passing a document around from person to person for review, we all gather together and review it online, making revisions and arriving at a final version within the day, instead of within the month.  Instead of making users remember drives and volumes we provide them with simple lists and search.

Then there’s the Conference

One of the few leftovers from the old days of meetings in conference rooms is that most of us seem to still feel the need to schedule a conference call.  Skype for Business and Outlook make this easy as all we need to do is click the “Skype Meeting” button and the connection information appears.  Seems simple enough.  Of course then there’s the stream of “Propose New Time” messages that flash back and forth before a universally acceptable date and time are arrived at.  Feels like the good old days…

Skype for Business Conference

Loses the Spontaneity

Admit it, when a good idea happens you really don’t want to wait.  You want to pull everyone needed into the conversation to make a plan, agree on it, and get started right away.  You grew up with television.  You expect instant gratification.  And you should have it.

So the next time you’re talking to someone on Skype for Business, perhaps even a video call with a document you’re sharing and discussing, when that urge hits you to bring someone else into the conversation, indulge yourself.

Those who are already using Skype for Business know what this means.  For those who aren’t using it yet, or those who were never shown how to use it, just go to your contact list, find the person you want to add to the conversation, and drag them into it.  Literally.  Point, click, and hold on their picture and drag them into the window containing your conversation.

Need someone else’s input?  Drag them in, too!  Want immediate approval?  Drag in the boss.

Yes, it is just that simple to create a sudden conference call on a completely ad hoc basis by simply dragging more contacts into the conversation.  It instantly becomes a multi-point conference.  Everyone can share everything.  Everyone can be a presenter.

Also, anyone who needs to can defer.  If they’re busy but haven’t set their presence to “Busy” they can simply refuse the connection.

But who wants to feel left out?

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