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Here at CloudStrategies we believe in continually educating our customers and interacting with industry experts and below is a library of some of our more recent Webinars covering a wide range of subjects.

Some of our recent Webinars…


CloudData – Ownership and Control for Office 365

Join experts from Microsoft partners CloudStrategies and Vaultive in a special webinar to learn how you can take advantage of the cloud computing benefits of Office 365 with confidence, and protect your email when it is stored and processed in the cloud. CloudStrategies is a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner with over 4 years of experience helping organizations prepare for Office 365 migrations, successfully delivering them, and providing on-going support thereafter. Together, CloudStrategies enable enterprises to successfully make the transition to Office 365, while ensuring their cloud data is secured and protected in the Microsoft cloud.


Establishing your Identity in the Cloud

Maintaining a digital corporate identity is hard enough, but what happens when you introduce cloud applications into your business solution portfolio? How can you provide seamless access to all of your solutions – on-premises, in the cloud, and on any device – without losing control and management of end user access?

• What is Cloud Identity? Why is it important?
• Common cloud identity scenarios
• Single Sign-on vs. Same Sign-on. Why do I care?
• How does identity relate to Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions?
• Where does this all lead? Tying everything together.

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