Cloud Monitoring Enhancements to Office 365

Cloud Monitoring Enhancements to Office 365

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If you’re running Microsoft Office 365, do you feel confident about the tools you have to monitor your Cloud environment?  Do you know about email delays or outages before your users and upper management start calling you??  CloudStrategies and Exoprise can help.  This webinar covers how to improve your monitoring capabilities above and beyond what comes standard in Office 365.

CloudStrategies is a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner with over 4 years of experience helping organizations prepare for Office 365 migrations, successfully delivering them, and providing on-going support thereafter.  Enhanced CloudMonitoring services delivered by the Exoprise suite provide numerous additional capabilities that are not available from just your Office 365 Administration Portal.  In this webinar we’ll show you:

Why monitoring the performance of your Office 365 service is important.

* Real-time health of Office 365 – beyond what’s standard with the Office 365 Dashboard.

* The specific tools, services, alerts, reporting available within Exoprise’s CloudMonitoring.

* How to pinpoint availability & performance issues for Office 365 before they impact your users.

 Join us to learn how CloudStrategies and Exoprise can improve the management of your Office 365 environment.

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View the OnDemand Recording here…

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